Maddy Spring

Cosmetologist and Lead Stylist


Caitlin Neumann

Cosmetologist, Colorist, and Men’s Groomer
"To me polishing the rock means putting ourselves out there to create magic in Little Rock. To create beautiful images or moments for all sorts of people, whether it be a girl about to go to homecoming or prom, or a bride to be, or a business owner looking for someone to glam her/him up for a special event. Polishing the rock to me is branding ourselves and letting people know that we are here for anyone needing any type of beauty service because that is what we do and that is what we love. We are.. Polishing the rock.”


Deidre Turner

Hairdreams® Fusion Extension Specialist

My passion for the beauty industry started young, with my love for the dramatic flair that was a little more than the things I saw in everyday life.  My career in the hair industry started in 2002 when I thought I was ready to take on the world!  As I got more into the more personal side of the business, I realized the incredible power of women leaving my chair and feeling beautiful and confident.  I realized the power of beautiful hair and the correlation to self esteem.  I found that a major concern I encountered with some ladies was fine, thin hair.  They wanted me to magically make them have gorgeous thick hair that they weren’t born with.  Challenge accepted!  So in 2006, I became a Hairdreams Extension magician!  I researched to find the brand with the most integrity and highest quality standards.  In 2015, I upgraded to the newest Hairdreams technology, helping me complete a full set of extensions in a little over an hour.  I will always continue to evolve to meet my client’s needs.  Polishing the Rock to me is just a little bit of polishing away all the expectations put on us in society, the critical things we tell ourselves, fear or jealousy from others… factors that make our true beauty be clouded.  Polish that away and you will find one fierce, beautiful soul!!


Christine Malmstrom

Lead Massage Therapist and Facial Rejuvenation Specialist

"I began serving Central Arkansas when I became a birth and post partum doula with Arkansas Family Doulas in May of 2015. Since then I have become a Certified Lactation Counselor with a specialty in Lip and Tongue Tie, and am the only abdominal binding practitioner in Central Arkansas. I knew I wanted to do more for people and knew that bodywork was the way to go. I graduated from Touching America School Of Massage in Maumelle, Arkansas. I love working with a variety of clients with different ailments from TMJ Syndrome, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, limited flexibility, chronic pain, sports injury and migraines. I love total relaxation sessions as well as working with pre and postnatal mothers and children.

One of my favorite things about being on our Face Your Day team is the flexibility I have to give my best work to everybody who walks into my treatment room with the cleanest simplest ingredients on hand. I love seeing people float out of their treatment refreshed and ready to face their day." 


Emily Crawford

Makeup Artist

Emily is a special effects makeup artist who studied in Toronto, Canada. She is part of FYDS's special events team.


Ginyrah "Coco" Newton

Licensed Esthetician


Images courtesy of Jonathan Funk Photography